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 Sweeping, buffing, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, polishing woodwork, wiping down tables, scrubbing toilets, and washing windows are some of the basic jobs we perform regularly.   


  Keeping places as sanitary as possible is another concern. To this end, we often use disinfectants and similar chemicals to prevent the spread of germs. This type of cleaning is common when buildings are relatively empty so as not to subject others to bothersome smells.  

Restock Supplies:

  Ensuring that areas such as bathrooms and kitchens contain a sufficient supply of paper products is a common part of upkeep. We also watch the inventory of supplies they need, inorder to perform our job and reorder as necessary.  

Follow Checklist:

   Team leaders receive instructions from employers or clients and create checklists for their staff. Schedules of what needs to be done and when maximizes efficiency and job performance. For example, the bathrooms at a shopping center may require attendance every hour, whereas the entrance lobby may only require upkeep every two hours.   

Note Problems: 

 As we perform our routine, we are always in a good position to spot things their clients may want to look into, such as a fraying carpet, a wobbly table, or a running toilet. We note these potential problems either verbally or by writing them down on their turned-in checklist.  


    Situations sometimes arise that require extra effort or skill. For instance, clients may call in us to get a stain out of a carpet before it sets, clean up a facility after a large event, or get a bathroom back into shape after a leak.  



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